Three Questions with Scenic Designer Mollie Singer

We’re proud to have worked with local artists and local locations for UNKNOWN. Scenic designer Mollie Singer masterfully handled the set and props, taking this film around D.C. and Virginia – and across the world, all while staying local!
We recently asked Mollie some questions about her work on UNKNOWN:
1. What was the hardest thing (or location) to find?
The hardest thing to find ended up being the newspapers.  Finding the right papers, in good condition, with the right headlines was tricky.
2. What resources do you lean on for a project like this?
Resources for this kind of project include eBay and other Collector sights, Prop artisans, and local Theatres prop storage.  I was able to borrow some items for the filming, which is always extremely helpful.
3. What is your favorite moment in the film?
My favorite moment of the film is watching the performers inhabit the different war memorials.  It is very powerful to be standing amongst the memorials but watching the performers interact as they’ve taken on their roles gave even more meaning to the experience.

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