An Important Update from UrbanArias:

UrbanArias is taking a time out: we are suspending productions as we search for a new model for our company, a model that can advance our mission amid the challenges we face.

Our values will not be changing during this period. UrbanArias believes in the power of contemporary opera to tell vivid stories of our lives. For more than a decade, we have shown how new works can bring to life the world around us – and we have been in the vanguard of this mission. We have been so proud to see other companies, large and small, increasingly responding to our leadership and acknowledging the importance of new works in their programming. Composers and performers are excited by the challenges and opportunities of this mission, and love working with us; audiences are moved by how music can animate stories that capture the reality of modern life.

But modern life has not made our mission easy. Covid shut down our stages. Americans are sampling, both literally and figuratively, a growing universe of options for entertainment. The media and marketing environment has become more diffuse, with no easy ways to communicate with a potential audience. It has been an increasing challenge for a small company like ours to make people aware of what we have to offer and to consistently fill a theater.

We still believe in our mission of telling the stories of our lives through opera. We still believe that no other medium has the same power to tell these stories. We still believe in the composers and performers that share our dream. But, for now, we want to take some time to try to find solutions to some of the practical challenges that we face, and then to come back stronger.

We are very grateful for all the support that we continue to receive from enthusiastic audiences, donors, and sponsoring organizations. You encourage us, stick with us, and make possible our many accomplishments. We cannot thank you enough. And we appreciate in advance your patience, and your continued support.


Robert Wood, Founder and General Director

Susan Derry, President