Good News for UrbanArias . . .

This week UrbanArias received its Letter of Determination from the IRS, which means we are now a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We’re delighted that we have achieved tax-exempt status, which is retroactive to our incorporation last October — it makes our lives much easier on the business side of our operation.  We can do all sorts of things now:  apply for foundation grants, accept donations on the website (which I’ll set up shortly), even get our web hosting for free courtesy of DreamHost!

Our website will soon undergo a major update, as we announce repertoire and dates for our April, 2011 UrbanArias Festival, and as the “support” and “about” headings get fleshed out with new material . . . plus, we have some great pictures from the Lucy rehearsal process we will upload, thanks to photographer and friend Karen Redmond.

We look forward to keeping all of you informed!

Bob Wood

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