Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast

Music by Thomas Pasatieri

Libretto by Frank Corsaro

Images by Clinton B Photography


A lonely alcoholic addresses her off-stage husband while she prepares breakfast, and reveals the dreams she envisioned for her life, as well as the disappointments that ultimately filled it. Charlotte wanted to be a dancer, like her mother; her husband, a poet from a wealthy family, literally swept her off her feet at a dance marathon, and promised her the moon. Unfortunately, things turned out very differently. Based on a play by Eugene O’Neill, this 40-minute piece is a shocker! UrbanArias’ production marks the triumphant return of Caroline Worra, whose stunning portrayal of Alyce Thompson in Glory Denied was a highlight of our 2011 Festival. This piece is not suited for young children.


Charlotte – Caroline Worra
Conducted by Robert Wood
Directed by Alan Paul
Choreographed by Lucy Bowen McCauley
Lighting and Set Design by David Arsenault
Costume Design by Rhonda Key