The Last American Hammer – Vlogs


The Last American Hammer is a satirical but heartfelt examination of the fallout that occurs when the American Dream fails to materialize. This new piece features a bluegrass-infused score that brings American roots to the operatic stage.

Meet Tink Enraught (played by Elizabeth Futral), owner and proprietor of the National Toby Jug Museum in her vlog “The Toby Jug Minute” –

Tink is also mildly sympathetic to longtime neighbor and acquaintance Milcolm Negley, a conspiracy-theorist YouTuber awaiting a visit from the FBI. Hell-bent on explaining his theory about the *original* Thirteenth Amendment and bringing about justice, Milcolm Negley presents his prized possession into evidence – and when you’re holding the last American hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Milcolm has his own vlog, “The Sentinel of Truth” where he offers political commentary and advises his viewers to prepare for a coming revolution –

The assigned FBI agent for Milcolm’s case is female rookie federal agent DeeDee Reyes. She and Milcolm stand-off in a most un-militant location: Tink’s ceramic pitcher museum. Here, Dolores does an informational recruiting video for the FBI about a typical day at her job: